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Text messages sent to the Kims last week and later traced to towers near Big Windy Creek helped rescuers focus on the area where the car was found, the authorities said. The Kims had been missing since Nov. After stopping at a restaurant in Roseburg, Ore.

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Kim, who drew the attention of rescuers on Monday by flashing an umbrella as a search helicopter flew overhead, told the authorities the family had stayed warm by running the car engine intermittently and then, when the vehicle ran out of gasoline, by burning car tires. Kim said she had breast-fed their daughters, Penelope, 4, and Sabine, 7 months. Kim said she last saw her husband on Saturday as he headed in the direction of the creek.

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Kim left about a. Kim that he would return by 1 p. Kim, who was wearing tennis shoes, pants, a sweater and jacket, apparently shed some of his clothes after he left the car.

Manny Cappello, the mayor of the small Silicon Valley community of Saratoga, said his city has long promoted small backyard homes and allowed property owners to build larger units if they guarantee the new housing will be set aside for low-income residents. But Cappello said he worries about state rules that limit cities from requiring additional parking spaces when homeowners convert garages to new housing. He said that would force more cars to park on the street, change the aesthetics of communities and make it harder for emergency vehicles to reach areas with narrow roads.

Similar concerns motivated much of the most intense resistance to Senate Bill 50 , now-shelved state legislation that would have allowed for fourplexes in single-family neighborhoods and small apartment buildings near mass transit and job centers. The bill was comparable to other efforts across the country that sought to dismantle single-family only zoning. In the past year, state lawmakers in Oregon and city leaders in Minneapolis moved to allow multiple homes on single-family lots, saying their communities needed more housing in already developed areas.

But that approach to changing single-family zoning faltered in California. And arguments for the laws have focused on allowing individual homeowners to build — not developers. Nancy Skinner D-Berkeley , a longtime supporter of backyard homes. Allowing homeowners to add [accessory dwelling units] is one step to open up single-family zoning and help us build the housing we need. But some local officials believe the backdoor efforts to curtail single-family zoning will spark a backlash, especially as state officials continue to take aim at local housing development regulations.

That theory could soon be tested as supporters of small backyard homes are hoping for an even greater increase in building once the new laws take effect. Backers point to Vancouver as a model of how widespread construction of the homes could be. Vancouver officials estimate that there are about 40, additional units on single-family lots in the city, which is roughly three-quarters the size of San Francisco. In the past five years, more than half the new housing built in Vancouver has come with a second living space.

Smith recently decided to convert her garage into a square-foot home and she plans to rent it out in hopes that her future tenant will be able to live closer to work.

Newsom has set a goal for the construction of 3. About Us.

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It normally took four to six months to traverse the length of the Oregon Trail with wagons pulled by oxen. About 80, pioneers used it to reach Oregon, and about 20, to Washington before the transcontinental railroad in Most settled in Oregon , especially in the Willamette Valley, but about 20 percent moved on to Washington state before Others went to California.

No complete list of pioneer settlers who traveled the Oregon Trail is known to exist.

However, a variety of sources exist which can be used to identify many of them. Some of these sources may reveal their place of origin. Federal: The federal Donation Act of encouraged settlement of Oregon Territory by granting acres to white male citizens, or those who intended to become citizens, who settled on the land prior to 1 December Wives were eligible for an additional acres.

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White male citizens who arrived between 1 December and 1 December could apply for acres, with wives receiving an equivalent amount. The act further provided for similar grants to those of mixed Indian-white parentage who were already in the territory; and it required settlers who had staked claims previously to refile them. Amendments in and cut the residency-cultivation requirement in half and extended the filing date to April After federal land was transferred to a settler, subsequent deeds were recorded in county courthouses.

Local and county histories and biographies in Oregon also may help identify additional pioneers. For example:. Ezra Meeker. Local histories and biographies from those places may also include some pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail. Footpath to wagon road. The route of the Oregon Trail was first discovered by fur trappers about Several expeditions of government men explored and mapped parts of the trail in , , , and It was originally a footpath or mule pack train trail.

In the first fur trade rendezvous wagons reached the Green River in Wyoming. By when the first pioneer wagon train was organized in Independence, Missouri , the wagon trail went as far as Fort Hall. By the wagon road reached the Dalles Oregon where pioneers could raft down the Columbia River. In the Barlow Road around Mt. Hood finally reached Oregon City. Oregon boundary dispute. But pressure was being exerted against Canada. In American pioneer groups began migrating over the Oregon Trail into Oregon. Thousands came over the next decade, far more than from Canada. Slogans of the American presidential campaign clamored for war to take Washington and British Columbia by force.

Reasons for migrating. Mountain men fur trappers were the earliest to use the Oregon Trail. A few early missionaries came in the s. Larger groups of American settlers began arriving in The California Gold Rush of contributed significantly to west coast migration. Western gold and silver strikes, free farm land, lumber, and ranching all increased traffic on the Oregon Trail. An estimated 80, pioneers used the Oregon Trail to Oregon, and 20, to Washington by , and about , more followed part of the Oregon trail to take one of its three main branches.

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Most emigrants were farmers who already had their own wagons and most of their own supplies. Other travelers usually purchased supplies at "jumping off points" in Missouri , Iowa , or Kansas. Some also bought a trail guide book.

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Trail life. Non-essentials were often abandoned on the trail to lighten the load. Forts and trading posts Ft. Kearny , Ft. Laramie , Ft.