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Marriage certificate copies can be obtained from the specific county probate court . For Ohio county probate court contact information we recommend visiting this.

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Happy Halloween, stay safe and dry! Both will be closed for hours due to power lines down. Below are details on how to apply; 1. He found a BMW unlocked and took a vehicle jump box, registration papers and current year decal. No worries about charges with those, the owner said you could keep them because it looked as though you were trying them on. If you are a friend and want to drop us an anonymous message, go to www.

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Chastang Middle School! Gaines receive her Golden Apple Award! What happened? Remember when you were here last week for disorderly conduct?

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While we were continuing the investigation, we realized you needed some additional charges for your behavior! So, we met with the DA and add three more charges; menacing, resisting arrest and attempt to elude. Last Name. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Mobile County Alabama administrators are in charge of maintaining and provide an efficient means to obtain records containing public information.

In Alabama, many county records are provided by the probate office in charge of business and marriages licenses, recording services, vehicle titles, tags and more. Alabama county departments contain many records sought by individuals and businesses.


Recorders in 67 counties provide copies and originals, documents of home ownership, Uniform Commercial Code and official certificates. Police reports and arrests or warrants can be obtained from county sheriffs. Accessing individual departments allows researchers view what is necessary to request information, policies, availability and process.

Copeland has successfully represented many people in having their gun rights restored in Alabama through the application for pardon process. Copeland provides representation for people seeking to restore their gun rights lost as a result of a criminal conviction in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Contact our office via email at: Jordan OrangeBeachLawyer. Copeland represents clients through the petition for expungement process in Baldwin County, Alabama.

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Our law office strives to provide each client with a custom petition for expungement that will highlight the positive criteria why the client should be granted an Order of Expungement by the Baldwin County Circuit Court. We give each expungement client the individual representation they deserve. Our goal is to present these details to the Baldwin County Circuit Court on behalf of each client in their custom petition for expungement. A petition for expungement filed in Baldwin County or elsewhere in Alabama, requires certain information and mandatory exhibits be attached to the petition.

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Also, certain mandatory entities must receive service of process. At the time of writing this blog post in June, , currently only certain non-convictions are eligible to petition for an expungement of an arrest record under Alabama law. Many people are unaware that a prior dismissed case in Baldwin County still shows the record of the arrest on a criminal background check, unless an Order of Expungement is issued by the Circuit Court of Baldwin County.

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Currently in Alabama, if your case resulted in a conviction plea of guilty or finding of guilty at trial in a District or Circuit Court, it is not eligible for expungement and your best remedy may be an Application for Pardon. Hundreds of people every year have arrests from cases in the Municipal Courts of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and other municipal courts in Baldwin County that result in a dismissal, nolle pross, or other forms of a non-conviction.

If these charges did not result in a conviction, depending on other criteria, you may be eligible to retain our Baldwin County expungement law office to represent you in a petition for expungement.

Additionally, if you had prior non-violent felony charges in the District or Circuit Courts of Baldwin County that did not result in a conviction, depending on other criteria, these charges may be eligible to retain our Baldwin County expungement law office to represent you in a petition for expungement. Non-violent felonies that resulted in a non-conviction in Baldwin County may be eligible to petition for an expugement, subject to certain statutory waiting period with no other convictions prior to a petition being filed.

If you are a local to Baldwin County, Alabama, live elsewhere in Alabama, or live out of state and previously were arrested in Baldwin County for a charge that resulted in a non-conviction, you may be eligible to retain our law office to represent you in a petition for an expungement of the arrest record. Copeland via email at jordan orangebeachlawyer.

Have you completed a drug court program in Baldwin or Mobile County, Alabama? If your Baldwin or Mobile County, Alabama Drug Court case or DUI was dismissed after you successfully completed a drug court or other court approved diversion program and a year or more time has passed, then you may be eligible to petition the proper court for an expungement or clearing of the records of your arrest.

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Effective July 6, If you were arrested for a drug or DUI charge in Baldwin or Mobile County, Alabama and successfully completed a drug court or other court referral program resulting in your case being dismissed, congratulations for your hard work. Hopefully you learned a lot and were able to grow as a person in the program.