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Marriage certificate copies can be obtained from the specific county probate court . For Ohio county probate court contact information we recommend visiting this.

More information can be found on their website. Submitting a Request The Corrections department posts a jail register publicly on their website. For information about requesting jail records, please visit Corrections Records Request website. Prosecuting Attorney — Criminal. The Snohomish County Council offers convenient public access to electronic versions of official documents dating back to , including Council motions, ordinances, resolutions and minutes of meetings through their website.

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Tax foreclosure records not available on line can be requested through our Public Records Request Portal. These records can be requested through our Public Records Request Portal. Some information and records such as aerial photos, historical road information, deeds, and surveys are available through the Public Works Customer Service Center by calling , emailing or walking in. For more information on current and past road improvement projects, you can visit their website. Request Records.

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Contact List. Commonly Requested Records. Public Disclosure Process and Fees.

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Public Records FAQs. Arrow Left Arrow Right. District Court Cases and Administrative Records. Requests for access to administrative records maintained by Snohomish County Superior Court and Juvenile Court including arbitration, probation, detention, etc. Birth Certificates. Birth Certificates are not retained or managed by Snohomish County, and are instead managed by the Snohomish Health District.

Death Certificates. Divorce Decrees. Marriage Records. The Auditor is responsible for issuing and recording marriage licenses. Name Changes. The County maintains records pertaining to legal name changes filed in Snohomish County. The County maintains records pertaining to employment, training, disability, civil service, compensation, employee relations, wellness and benefits for its employees.

Submitting a Request — Limited Online Availability Much information about employee pay, benefits, programs, and job opportunities can be found on the Human Resources website.

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Autopsy Reports. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office determines the cause and manner of death of persons who died suddenly, violently, or unexpectedly while in apparent good health. Submitting a Request The release of postmortem records is limited to certain parties per state law. The County reviews applications and provides permits for various land use and construction projects.

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The County assesses all taxable real and personal property for property tax purposes. Deeds, Easements, Liens, and other Recorded Documents. The County is responsible for recording real property transactions deeds, mortgages, real estate contracts, liens, and releases , recording plats and surveys, and issuing and recording marriage licenses. Department of Information Technology. Photo: David Williams.

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Tags: music brooklyn public records new york magazine nightlife More. Most Viewed Stories. Yesterday at p. More Stories. Test questions, scoring keys, and other data used to administer a licensing examination, employment, academic or other examination or testing procedure before the examination is given and if the examination is to be used again. Records establishing procedures for and instructing persons administering, grading or evaluating an examination or testing procedure are included in this exemption, to the extent that disclosure would create a risk that the result might be affected.

The obvious purpose of this exemption is to protect the integrity of examinations administered by various public bodies for licensing, employment, and other purposes. Information used to administer an exam is generally confidential until the exam has been given or if the exam will be reused. Nothing in this subsection shall limit the use that can be made of such information for regulatory purposes or its admissibility in any enforcement proceeding. This exemption does not cover business records that a person or business may submit in connection with an application for a license or permit, even if the information is a required part of the application, unless the amount of the license or permit fee is based on the production levels.

Information relating to the appraisal of real estate prior to its acquisition. This exemption permits public bodies to obtain information in confidence concerning the value of real estate that the public body may purchase. This exemption does not extend to records showing the number of persons who have signed such cards or to checklists of eligible employees who vote in such elections that do not disclose how individual employees voted.

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  • This exemption applies to investigatory information related to complaints of unlawful employment practices or other civil rights violations that are filed with the Bureau of Labor and Industries. This exemption does not apply to the complaint itself or information contained in the complaint. This exemption applies to investigatory information relating to complaints or charges of certain unfair labor practices that are filed with the Employment Relations Board. However, the complaint or charge itself would not be exempt from disclosure.

    This exemption applies to records received or compiled by the director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services in examining or investigating a debt management service provider. This exemption does not include information relating to a site that is all or part of an existing, commonly known and publicized tourist facility or attraction.

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    Archaeological sites are Oregon sites that contain archaeological objects and the contextual associations of these objects with each other or with biotic or geological remains or deposits. A personnel discipline action, or materials or documents supporting that action. The public interest in disclosure is not limited to learning about the public employer imposing the disciplinary action: for example, in concluding that an internal affairs investigation of police officers was not exempt, the Oregon Supreme Court relied on not just the public interest in oversight of the police department, but also on the interest in oversight of the independent civilian review board that had reviewed the investigation.

    Some public bodies have stronger protections in place for disciplinary records.

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    The likely intent is to prevent disclosure to persons who might use the information in a manner adverse to the survival of the species. Writings prepared by or under the direction of faculty of public educational institutions, in connection with research, until publicly released, copyrighted or patented. Computer programs developed or purchased by or for any public body for its own use. The legislature added this provision to prevent persons from obtaining from public bodies computer programs that they otherwise would have to purchase or develop themselves.

    The exclusions from the definition of computer program specified in subsections a through c ensure public access to electronic information created or obtained by a public body in conducting its statutory duties. There are several exceptions to this exemption, such as when a county clerk receives a court order or a request from a law enforcement agency. This exemption applies to certain records submitted to local housing authorities and urban renewal agencies by individuals or businesses applying for or receiving certain funding related to affordable, government-subsidized housing or urban renewal projects.

    It was proposed to encourage participation by developers, contractors, financial institutions, and others in publicly financed low-income housing and urban-renewal transactions. This provision is somewhat similar to the exemption in ORS Unlike ORS A amendment to this exemption clarifies that appraisals obtained during transactions that involve the transfer of real property interests are subject to disclosure after those transfers have concluded.

    A public body also may use the exemption to protect the security of property and services owned, used, or provided by private entities. We have concluded that information from railroad companies showing the past movements of hazardous materials was not exempt where no significant nonpublic information about future movements would be revealed, and where there was a public interest in being aware of the public safety risks resulting from these movements.