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Marriage certificate copies can be obtained from the specific county probate court . For Ohio county probate court contact information we recommend visiting this.

There are a variety of federal financial assistance opportunities specifically for American Indians and Alaska Natives. This article, which is part of the Exploring Eligibility blog series , will explain where Grants.

If you are a member of a Native American tribal entity searching for federal grants or benefits, you probably fall into one of three situations:. If one of the first two situations applies to you, you can begin by looking for relevant federal grant opportunities using the Grants. If you are searching for personal assistance or benefits, we go over that below as well. Note that some federal grants will be open both to American Indian and Alaska Native groups and to other eligibility groups, such as nonprofits and public including Indian housing authorities.

The website NativeOneStop. Please note, however, that NativeOneStop. So Grants. Many people come to Grants. Instead, you will want to visit federal government websites that focus on serving American Indian and Alaska Native individuals and families. Native Affiliation: Anishnaabe. She previously worked at Quora and Stripe , and is a graduate of Stanford University where she studied linguistics and psychology. Aside from designing behavior-changing products, her passions include recognizing and reversing patterns of oppression, indoor gardening, and DIY crafting.

The tech industry can be brutal and I fought hard to get here: it required all of my conviction to keep myself convinced and then convince others that I am capable of being a product lead. If this resonates with you, keep at it and be willing to be in it for the long game. Every positive work interaction with someone from a background unlike your own develops your sense of trust and common context, breaking down barriers of ignorance.

He was born in southern California, but studied in Texas. Unfortunately, I soon found it felt like a ghost town.

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The network was without sponsorship, members, or identity. I knew that if I did nothing, others would feel the same. So while I was nearly drowning in my new job, I reluctantly stepped forward to rebuild our network. Over a few months of late hours and no little amount of extra anxiety, we were reorganized. I asked a lot of question from anyone who would answer, and followed leads until the organization was in place, and a few partnerships sprouting.

With so few in number, I knew our network would never be like the others with social gatherings and typical network activities, so we focused instead on influencing Google leaders and products. Nothing is ever done or accomplished alone, at least in my opinion, but one thing I am particularly glad to have been a part of was the introduction of Tribal reservations on Google Maps. For Tribal reservations to be recognized on that map, and treated the same as was any other nation or municipality was more to me than symbolic.

It was a notice that we are still here. I often return to the digital divide, and the widening gap. I earnestly believe that technology will be one of the key ingredients to maintain our cultures, and allow us to find lucrative careers and make meaningful contributions without having to leave. Tools only work with hands to use them, and I want to see more technology in the hands of Native youth. Previously, he was an Associate Director of Research at a biotech company, ARYx Therapeutics , that conducted research and clinical trials in the areas of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and neuronal diseases.

A significant challenge during my career was making the transition from a science career in biotech to a sales role in technology. I have been very fortunate to have amazing mentors and family support around me during my career. These awesome folks helped me navigate my new career choice and provided me with actionable feedback on my ideas. I discovered that most people are willing to help and offer advice, you just have to get out there and do the work, do the research, and ask thoughtful questions. And, when that happens, I hope to meet them and, if asked, help them out as a mentor as so many others have done for me.

Native Affiliation: Blackfeet. Maria Running Fisher Jones is an attorney at Google where she serves as both product and commercial legal counsel for Google Cloud Platform.

A challenge has been overcoming imposter syndrome. I am often the only minority in the room and in the past I have found myself questioning whether I belong. I have been able to overcome by surrounding myself with amazing and inspiring mentors who have experienced this themselves. Finding community has been pivotal, and I weather difficult days knowing that I am in a position to do the same for others.

I am very proud of my educational accomplishments. Statistically, Native Americans have the lowest educational attainment rates of all ethnic and racial groups in the United States with only Through education, I have had the opportunity to work for top-notch tech companies including Microsoft, Oracle and Google. During this month I am reminded that it is an opportune time to educate others about the uniqueness of the many tribes and to raise awareness about the challenges Native people have faced both historically and in the present.

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We are here, we are resilient and we continue to thrive and persevere. Matthew currently serves as an Advisor to the Board for Project Include. The lack of Native American representation in the tech industry has been a challenge that I faced and continue to face throughout my education and career.

The HAWK2 program: a computer-based drug prevention intervention for Native American youth.

I grew up in a small community that felt completely removed from Silicon Valley and tech. One of the proudest moments of my professional career was receiving an email to join the Advisory Board for Project Include from Ellen K. Combining metrics-based business practices in measuring the success of values-driven diversity goals within tech organizations has been both challenging and exciting. The hundreds of unique tribes, languages, and dialects that made up our nation before European expansion feels like it has been lost to one simplified, romanticized story that fits nicely in the Manifest Destiny narrative.

Native Affiliation: Native Hawaiian. So many smaller moments contributed to that decision — like realizing that my Chinese and Japanese heritage is a direct result of Hawaiian colonization and indentured labor on sugar cane plantations, or learning about the similarities between oppressive tactics used on Hawaiians and those used on Native American tribes throughout the mainland US, or traveling to Peru and Bolivia and seeing the parallels between suppression of the indigenous Quechua language, and the banning of the Hawaiian language in the early days after the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.

There is a beauty in specificity, but or and there is power in universality — allowing for a common label enables us to recognize the larger patterns of oppression and overcome them, while providing solidarity and support and collective intelligence. There was a period of about two weeks where I made my bed every day before work. That was pretty hype. Cultural preservation, perpetuation and innovation. Nicole Archambault is a self-taught web developer and educational technology entrepreneur. She is also the creator of La Vie en Code , a podcast, blog, and online course school dedicated to helping other self-taught web development students prepare for their self-education and career transition.

Nicole is based in Boston, Massachusetts, where she has also been heavily involved with the online alumnae community of her alma mater, Wellesley College. Somewhere along the line, I started developing intense anxiety about writing and sharing my perspectives with others. I felt Imposter Syndrome in regards to my knowledge and depth of knowledge. What this means to me is that I can trust my judgment and know that I am able to make complex or difficult difficult decisions for my business and my life.

I trust that when I hit the extent of my knowledge in an area, I know when to seek outside assistance. Overall, the growth in my skills has led to a growth in my business as I enter the launch of my first online course: the only prep course for web development career changers on the market. Whatever was most palatable. Our distinct heritages have been irreparably altered by a common force of colonialism, and that is a fact. Native Affiliation: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

She is married to husband Julio, and they have two daughters; Gabriela , 12, and Alexis , 9. Early in my career at IBM I got selected for a one-year growth assignment. Upon accepting the role I quickly felt I was in over my head. Luckily I was surrounded by a supportive network of peers who helped me to adapt and quickly develop the skills needed to succeed in this role. This experience taught me the value in adaptability and just-in-time learning, two skills that I continue to leverage in my career today.

I was the first in my family to graduate from college and later went on to obtain my masters degree shortly after the birth of my first daughter. This was a big accomplishment for me and made me more confident to set bold goals for my career and future.

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For me, NAHM is a great reminder to reflect on the past and to push forward for the future. November always seems to be the month that re-ignites my passion for mentoring and K STEM engagements. Native Affiliation: Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. She was awarded a full scholarship from Facebook to attend a bootcamp in San Francisco in Since graduation, she is happy to finally be a software engineer and completed her first apprenticeship at Microsoft in My biggest challenge has been getting my start in a software engineering career.

I was very fortunate to be given a scholarship to attend a coding bootcamp in San Francisco. I finally felt like things were happening for me. The job search post graduation has been very hard.

With me having zero work experience and no college degree, most companies would not speak to me. I am really proud that I never stopped. Science News. Native American admixture recapitulates population-specific migration and settlement of the continental United States. ScienceDaily, 19 September Retrieved November 7, from www. The team How does a child's existing knowledge and beliefs influence their subsequent learning?