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Marriage certificate copies can be obtained from the specific county probate court . For Ohio county probate court contact information we recommend visiting this.

Why bother with all that hassle, when you can sell your spare stuff online and get it picked up right from your place?

Time to list your stuff for sale on Craigslist! Or Kijiji , or Gumtree , or whatever the local equivalent is in your area. Craigslist is kind of the original in the US and Canada for local online selling, but there are plenty of variations worldwide for this sort of thing!

Residential Phone Listings to Generate Real Estate Marketing Leads

These sites are all different, but they have the same goal: helping you list your stuff to sell online, so you can clear out space and make some extra money. Just follow our four simple steps! We love Hushed numbers, obviously, but in the interest of full disclosure: any phone number could be used for online selling.

Get Real Estate Listings with OLD EXPIRED LISTINGS

If you really wanted to, you could even use your normal cell phone number… but why would you do that? Do you really want to share your real phone number with random strangers on the internet? Hushed numbers include all the benefits and features of a conventional phone number, such as calling, texting, and voicemail. You can even set up auto-replying SMS text messages!

411 Search FAQs

We recommend getting a number in the same area code you are trying to sell your items in. Hushed numbers, like many virtual numbers, are VoIP Voice over IP which means that calls and texts are made through the internet using WiFi instead of your cell phone line. And remember to get a number that will last you a few days, since it may take time for your listings to pick up steam. A ten-minute number is not ideal here. Most of these websites have optimized the posting process to be as simple as possible.

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For an additional charge, you can usually press 1 any time after the requested number has been announced to automatically dial the number. Individuals with physical or visual disabilities and seniors may also be eligible for call allowances, depending on the state. Call allowances not used within one billing period cannot be transferred to an additional billing period or to another account.

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Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows:. Existing user?

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Sign in. Support Phone Directories. Looking for Verizon White Pages? To order a print version of the directory: Place your order online at the directorystore , global directory bookstore, or Call 1. Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows: If the number is not answered or busy, you will only be billed for the directory assistance request If the call is answered, you be charged for the call completion service and the directory assistance request Local Directory Assistance, National Directory Assistance and Call Completion charges vary by location.

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