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WOW … Both parents born on U. Now I really like the background check thing,… great idea!

How Can a President Tackle Gun Violence Via Executive Action?

Glad to see this! One would be a psychological exam. If law-enforcement applicants have to take that so should law-makers, governors, and presidents. Sociopaths, particularly, should be prohibited from being in government. Also, a security check should be done to keep domestic enemies out of government.

Anybody who fails a psych and security evaluation should be prohibited from being in government. Otherwise, the elections are fraudulent — the people aren't qualified to do what they're being elected to do.

Security clearance background checks for elected office is a concept whose time has come. Please Login to comment.

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Many condemned the NRA for blocking meaningful gun control legislation. On Wednesday, Trump said he wanted to strengthen background checks for gun purchases as he left the White House to visit Dayton and El Paso.

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The Democratic-led House of Representatives in February passed a bill calling for universal background checks for gun buyers. The measure would close loopholes allowing some sales over the internet and at gun shows to be finalized without background checks. A second bill also passed by the House in February would extend to 10 business days, from the current three, the amount of time for the background checks if information on a gun sale application is incomplete.

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Neither has been taken up by the Republican-controlled Senate, while the White House earlier this year floated veto threats against both bills. As a result, companies can easily make poor and costly hiring mistakes.

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There are a variety of reasons why candidates falsify information. According to the Wall Street Journal and the Society for Human Resource Management , here are the top reasons why employers should screen their applicants:.

Factbox: Democratic presidential candidates back gun restrictions after mass shootings

For example, I recently advised a client of mine to conduct a thorough vetting process before hiring my candidate or any candidate for that matter. The hiring manager said it was their policy to hire first and then check. Unfortunately, they initiated their criminal background check well into his first month of employment, after on-boarding and training were completed.