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This may take us a little extra time, but in due course you will receive your microchip certificate. If you are rehoming your pet to a new keeper, you will need to inform identibase immediately. There are several ways you can do this:. Firstly, thank you for choosing identibase. This way identibase can contact you should your loved one ever go missing. You can pop this over to us in an email or you can send in the post. Here at identibase we offer complete free of charge change of keepership for dog breeders, no matter how big or small, even if this is your first litter.

As of it became compulsory for breeders of dogs to ensure puppies are microchipped and registered before they head off to their new homes. To get started, you will need to register as a breeder.


You can do this by clicking here. What information will you need from the new keeper? You will need their name, address and at least one contact number.

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If you let us know their email address, we can send them their microchip certificate instantly. It is important that you remain calm and try not to panic, here at identibase we have reunited thousands of missing pets with their worried keepers thanks to their microchip, so you are in safe hands. We recommend you take the following steps for dogs and cats…. As a verified organisation with identibase, you can log into your online account by clicking here.

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You can do this by logging into your online account or phoning us on our 24 hour reunification line. You will need your unique PIN or vetcode for verification purposes, without this we cannot identify you. Please complete this form and return this back to us, we will ensure your account is updated and let you know once this has been done. To join identibase as a verified organisation, we ask that you call us on or email us on admin identibase. Once your application has been received, we will be in touch shortly with all the information to get the ball rolling.

We are sorry to hear of your loss, and we understand how difficult this time can be.

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Alternatively you can call a member of the identibase team on and they will sensitively handle your call. Welcome to the Help Centre Have a question or a little unsure what to do, then hopefully we can provide the right support and guidance for you here. How do I register my pet's microchip? Protect your pet with identibase Premium.

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To join, just call and the identibase team will be happy to help. I have recently moved address.

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I have a new pet that is already microchipped. My pet is going to a new home. My pet has an overseas microchip. The best thing is, we do all of this free of charge for you and the new keeper. I have lost my pet. We recommend that you take the following steps: Check with your neighbours to make sure your pet is not with them or hiding somewhere, pay particular attention to sheds or garages where your pet may have been accidently trapped. If you have lost your pet whilst out walking, trace the route you have just taken.

Dogs are known to follow a route they regularly take and familiar scents. No anaesthetic is necessary and implantation only takes seconds.

Identichipping your pet

If your microchipped pet is lost, we and most rescue homes can identify them by scanning them with a handheld scanner and a telephone call to the database company, which will provide us with your telephone numbers. You pay a one-off fee for microchipping and full registration with Identichip. If you move house Petlog does make a nominal charge for change of details.

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  6. A few years ago we had a stray terrier handed into us at our Maldon surgery. As in all unidentified pets, we scanned him and to our joy found that he had been microchipped. She informed us that he had been stolen a year previously and that she lived near Birmingham! What a great success with reuniting him with his owner!